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The Bumbum Movement!

Our designs are cut and stitched by Garo women born and brought up in these villages around us. They are encouraged to participate in creative discussions like design aesthetics, construction technique and pattern-making. Bumbum is where these ladies, who are primarily home-makers, make time for themselves.

When they first join us, our seamstresses come with raw passion, irrespective of whether they have previous formal training or any schooling. At Bumbum they hone their skills on modern machinery and sharpen their sense of proportion, quality, fitting, design and aesthetics. An easygoing work environment, the companionship of peers and financial independence works wonders for their self-confidence. We sell our clothes from the shop in the village, as well, and encourage costumer interaction. In our own small way, we believe that what we have achieved is a big creative movement!

Bumbum has made it possible for rural people to aspire and have access to meticulously handcrafted designs. Villagers are spared from travelling to far off towns and cities, spending thousands of rupees to order well fitted clothes, often getting duped in the process. They come here, rest assured, that they will get variety and quality.

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