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Kharkutta is a small village in the North Garo Hills of Meghalaya. On the border of Assam and Meghalaya, Kharkutta is a great mix of Garo, Assamese, Rabha and Bodo cultures. It gets big wild rains and thunderous winds and all around us are vast forests and pretty streams. The exuberance of nature and the simplicity of…

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The Bumbum Movement!

Our designs are cut and stitched by Garo women born and brought up in these villages around us. They are encouraged to participate in creative discussions like design aesthetics, construction technique and pattern-making. Bumbum is where these ladies, who are primarily home-makers, make time for themselves. When they first join us, our seamstresses come with raw passion, irrespective…

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Hello Daksare!

The stories we tell through our design elements, fabrics, textures and colours, are a subtle tribute to India and the North East. The humble cotton daksare, also known as ganna, is traditionally worn as a wrap-around by Garo women. In the villages, rural women wear daksare while doing their daily chores and at informal social gatherings. The texture of daksare is similar to…

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