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Hello Daksare!

The stories we tell through our design elements, fabrics, textures and colours, are a subtle tribute to India and the North East. The humble cotton daksare, also known as ganna, is traditionally worn as a wrap-around by Garo women. In the villages, rural women wear daksare while doing their daily chores and at informal social gatherings.

The texture of daksare is similar to khadi. The more it is worn the softer it becomes, taking on the wearer’s body shape and movement. The designs are no more than a mix and match of colours and stripes, bands and blocking, and out of this simple act of creation comes a deeply authentic and inspiring beauty. Amazed and humbled we wonder what the weaver was thinking when putting together that dazzling unique combination.

Indulge in the goodness of daksare by wearing our beautiful garments created for kids, men and women. Available in comfortable fit and delicious colours!

weaving-loom weavingwarp-and-weft close-up-of-the-warp warped-life daksare-fabric


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