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Rural Cloth Urban Design

Bumbum is a rural employment and creative skill development initiative for rural women.
We are based in the small village of Kharkutta, nestled in the lush Garo Hills of Meghalaya.

Our designs are cut and stitched by women born and brought up in villages. They are encouraged to participate in creative discussions like design aesthetics, construction technique and pattern-making. Bumbum is where these ladies, who are primarily home makers, make time for themselves.
In an area where job opportunities are few and the rate of exploitation is high, working at Bumbum means that rural women can hone their skills on modern machinery, irrespective of whether they have formal training or schooling. After years of experimentation, trial and error, relentless practice by everyone, we at Bumbum feel ready to share our young brand, known for its great taste, quality and comfortable fits, with you. The purchase of Bumbum products contributes to our creative movement.


Girls first!

As she explores the abundance of life your baby girl loves to talk, move, wriggle, giggle, dance, doodle, push, pull, spill, stumble and bounce right back. Childhood is such an important time. Each day is a new discovery, for her and for you. We at Bumbum appreciate your daughter's ever-evolving world. As you go through our collection for her you will see that each motif has a hidden motive and our designs fulfil a purpose. They are easy to wear (not so easy to tear) and celebrate your little girl and her playful world!  

When we cut our clothes we keep in mind the female form.

We look at women every day. Women walking to the market, girls walking back from school, young women on scooties, women bending over their toddlers, gossiping and giggling at a tea stall, constantly at work at home and outdoors, and we derive our inspiration from these ladies who push the story of modernity forward. The stories we tell through our design elements, fabrics, textures and colours, are a subtle tribute to India and the North East. The credit for our immaculate clothes in structured, comfortable fits lies precisely in the fact that our garments are designed, cut and stitched by women.

Dressed Up or Dressed Down

The classic detail of immaculate stitching means our customer always stands out. In our delectable collection of plain, printed and striped garments, an array that embraces sober earthiness, plush rosettes and playful candy brights, look effortlessly cool, minimally fussed.‬ We believe our customer appreciates the legacy of honesty and hard-work that his garment carries. We believe with every purchase he joins his hands to ours as together we seek to empower our community.